• Purna Kulkarni

We believe in #PLASTICFREE

As consumers, we dispose of tonnes of packaging materials each year. These don’t simply disappear into thin air. Much of our waste is taken to landfill sites. Here, packaging materials including plastic, foil, tin and glass take hundreds of years to decompose. If they do at all.


The rising use of plastic disposables led to the formation of LANDFILLs which are basically mountains of trash collected with no plan of management. This waste is so mixed up and contaminated it can’t even be recycled.


Accumulation of plastic in drainage systems, city sewers and odd places can lead to easy flooding and loss of lives. Accumulation of plastic in open spaces and the constant beating of sun + rain also breaks down plastic to create carcinogens that permeate in the soil. This toxic substance is called Leachate and spreads into the soil/water bodies around it.

One of the major causes of plastic pollution is plastic that is not recycled. More recycling is, of course, a great development. The question is how to enable a net positive effect on the environment.

To answer this, we came up with a sustainable packaging solution where we use alternative to plastic which is recycled,completely bio degradable and helps you with a complete guilt free and plastic free shopping experience.

We believe in zero plastic usage and deliver that motto while packing and shipping out our products. The entire package is specially designed keeping the sustainability aspect in mind and trying to eradicate usage of any plastic or such toxic materials to give out the best quality and reduce it's the harmful effect on environment.

Materials we use for packaging :

1. Reusable cotton fabric pouch - to keep the product safe when not in use.

2. Recycled paper box - easily recyclable, composatable, non toxic.

3. Straw grass, shredded paper - cushioning while shipping.

4. Paper Tape - non plastic alternative.

5. Recycled paper tags.

Also for the customers to understand the originality, making and cultural artisanal background behind the purchase we make the packaging experience more engaging by featuring the craftsmen on the post card along with the product.

Happy plastic free shopping with Gingerlime!

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