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#sustainable Travel Diaries ~!!


Naturally, we talk a lot about living a sustainable lifestyle here.

But, that way of life is by no means limited to our immediate home radius. It covers all aspects including one very important area: TRAVEL!

Many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy traveling to new places, whether it be local or international. 

Given our love for travel and desire to be more sustainable here’s some Sustainable traveling tips we’ve picked up (and packed up) along the way of our travel diaries across India. 

The three pillars of sustainable travel are employing environmentally friendly practices (reduce, reuse, recycle); protecting cultural and natural heritage (restoring historic buildings or saving endangered species); and providing tangible social and economic benefits for local communities (ranging from upholding the rights of indigenous peoples to supporting fair wages for employees).

We came up with the most essentials tips which will help your next journey to be #green, #ecofriendly and #sustainable :

1. Pack reusables – cutlery, containers, bottles

Always carry reusable bamboo straw, cutlery and your water bottles as it's lighter, helps you reduce plastic wastage. Plenty of places will fill your water bottle for free, there's no need to buy so many plastic bottles which are often not recycled.

To buy this super lightweight cutlery set visit :

2. Carry a tote/handy bag

A shopping bag takes up virtually no room in your backpack, and as an added bonus is far less noisy to use when you're packing your bag late at night in a dorm room!

To get this super comfy tote shop at :

3. Pack light – layer clothes, carry essentials and basics

Packing light is like a full night’s rest: not at all controversial, but definitely easier said than done. When you pack light, you can move more easily at your destination, which means using public transport instead of taxis.

Click here to know more about how to pack minimal for your next journey.

4. Use plastic free toiletries – shampoo/soap bars

Not only shampoo,soap are bars better for the planet because they don't come in plastic packaging, they tend to be made from more natural materials as well. Not only that but they take up less room in your bag as well. Just get yourself a handy tin to carry your shampoo,soap bars in.

5.Shop localhelp local economy

  • Eat and shop locally- prefer street food, shop from local artisans and regional boutiques.

  • Stay in local accommodation (we use hostels, homestays, youth centers to make this as easy as possible) 

  • Travel with local transport providers (where safe)

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