What is Gingerlime?


Gingerlime is a subtle combination of culture, craft and sustainable living, served fresh at our little corner. In the present world where the materialistic consumption has become a way of life, we are now bound to think how it will be affecting our planet in the long term. At Gingerlime, we have been experimenting and developing products using natural alternatives and upcycled materials to bring functionality and convenience to the natural craft based techniques because we believe being sustainable isn’t something you have to choose but should be embedded in our lives. We try to avoid using synthetic materials to develop products that would be functional, cost effective and guiltfree.

Who are we?


We are a couple of young earthlings hopping around india, sipping a cup of tea wherever we go. other times we are simply exploring, creating and designing, thus, combining our love for travel and design. We bring you stories from the corners of India and help sustain craft and organic living by collaborating with the artisans on our journey. 

As Design graduates, we started our journey of finding organic and sustainable alternative to plastic and such synthetic substances. Our search for the alternatives started when plastic was banned in Cities. We grasped this opportunity and made our agenda to find the right resources. This lead us to travel across North East India and explore the life, culture and abundant organic materials like bamboo, cane. Collaborating with the local artisans made us realise the potential this sector carries and how we can develop it to the next step. 

That’s how we came up with the idea of GingerLime. 

What we do

We are in an ongoing journey of following completely plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle and doing our part to help our planet, Are you?

 Get on board to know more about our collaborations with the artisans, alternatives for plastic and cultures around India.

India is rich in terms of variety of craft, culture and cottage industries. It is not only the 2nd largest producer of bamboo but also has incredibly skilled artisans practicing traditional craft. However, vast majority of artisans are widely scattered around India and are either giving up on their practices due to lack of development or shifting to producing more of commercial crops for a better source of income. Considering the scope of development and the need for sustainability in products, Gingerlime was born.